Artist Statement

Artist Statement: “When I see something that sparks my interest, I focus on that one thing, that one small piece of what is before me, until I can understand why it caught my eye, what drew my attention to it.  My photography lets me block out the rest of the world and capture those moments, those small pieces of the world.  I then can study the image and pick out the lines, gestures, colors, whatever made me stop in the first place. Then, I want to share that experience with the world.  I want my audience to stop and wonder, just like I did.
I like to take my pieces to another level by transferring my images to wood. I call this process photographic mixed media. All of the mixed media prints are done by hand, so each piece is totally different and unique. The 7-step process of transferring my images to wood takes the viewer to another time and place by the rustic nature of the finished piece.
I started this photographic mixed media technique after digital photography became more popular and the dark room was not readily and easily available much anymore.  I took a series of photographs, and was unhappy with the digital prints.  I started researching other techniques, and discovered photo transferring to wood. It took me approximately 6 months to master my technique. I love this way of finishing and showcasing my photography. I get the same feeling that I did in the dark room as the photo starts appearing while I rub the paper away and the ink is adhered to the wood!
I took a welding class in high school, and have over the last couple years started creating art out of scrap metal. The creative process of being able to put the different pieces of metal that was once someone else’s trash together into a piece of art, into a treasure, is very rewarding when the piece is complete.  I have worked with acrylics, oils and epoxy to create art, and have shown my work in several shows.  I even worked in an art gallery for a couple of years, and feel that experience gave me great exposure to other artists and techniques.
Another one of my recent additions to my artistic adventure is my art car. I turned my 2007 Ford Mustang into an interactive art car that I call, Chalkstang. It is basically a giant chalkboard on wheels. Seeing the excitement on the faces of children and adults alike is very fulfilling to me as they get to express their creativity on a car.
When I started actually creating art to be seen by the public, I was told by one of my mentors that she could not wait to see how my art progressed and changed over the years. That was 6 years ago. When she said that, I laughed to myself, thinking that I loved what I was doing and I did not want to change it! Now 6 years later, as I look back at my art, I definitely see what she was talking about, as my art has evolved immensely! Now, like her, I can’t wait to see how my art progresses and changes over the next 6 years!”